(Hennery Ford)

Our Mission

  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Enterpreneurial Spirit
  • Priority Customer Care

Our Vision

  • 21st Century Efficiency
  • Doing the right things in a better way
  • Taking care of people & Communities
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AL Nafay Petroleum Coporation prides itself on the wide and extensive rang of products.It supplies to its equally wide customer base Furnace Oil, High Speed Diesel, Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oil and other Lubricating and Circulating oils and specially greases are just a few of the products the company carries in itsimpressive product portfolio. AL Nafay Petroleum Coporation has become synonymous with quality and service, the company has built an enviable reputation on these cornerstones.The company has carved out a very successful niche in the market supplying small to medium sized businesses where quality products backed up by a quality service is crucial to the buying decisionThe Company works extremly hard in its chosen geographic markets.


We have a very strongand loyal customer base we have dedicated sales team that know our customers and more importantly know their requirements. we call our customers in person. We cover Central Region and the northern of the Country. We cover from Multan to Peshawar and everywhere above that.Not content to rest on its laurels the company is continually expanding its customer base as wellas the geographic areas it services. Carrick-on-Suir would take a lot of our products for saleto the haulage industry, we are gaining market share because we won't compromise on quality.We are expanding because of the Quality of products we can offer, the quality of the products, and the levels of service we deliver.In what is ultiatey a very price sensitive market AL Nafay Petroleum Coporation is more than able to compete with the multi-national operators. We keep our cost base very low keeping cots to a minimum is one of our strengths.Consequently we can compete with the ''majors on price. That, combined with the quality and service gives us the edge.